CBFC blurs film scene depicting RSS in a derogatory manner

Lawyer says the legal battle will continue till producers apologise

Mumbai, June 30, 2021: In a stern action the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has blurred a scene depcting Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in a derogatory manner in a controversial Hindi movie ‘Mumbai Saga‘. The film was released at theatres in March and later on streamed on Amazon Prime .

The CBFC has taken the action after a RSS worker Mahesh Bhingarde took a strong objection to the “mischievous” and “misleading” scene. He had served a legal notice on the film’s producers and directors with a demand to seek unconditional apology. The producers of the film, Super Cassette Industries Private Limited and White Feather Private Limited had admitted their mistake in filming the scene. They too had requested the CBFC to blur the scene as it sent a wrong message.

In the controversial scene a corrupt police officer is shown hand in glove with the criminals. He tells a fellow officer that he was a member of Bhauchi Sena, where he learned all the bad things. The officer says he was a regular at a shakha, a unit of Bhauchi Sena. However, when he shows his pictures at shakha the viewers get to see RSS workers in uniform, carrying their dand and standing in a position to recite the Sangh prayer. Clearly, the director of the film had either deliberately or mistakenly shown an RSS shakha.

Prakash Salsingikar, lawyer for Bhingarde, has made it clear that blurring the scene is not enough. “We have demanded that the concerned scene and dialogues must be deleted from the film. The producers are yet to seek an apology. We will continue the legal battle till both of these demands are met.”


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