The idea of ​​Hindudharma and bhartiyata is being cleverly attacked

Bhopal. On the occasion of the app launch of Chitra Bharati organized at Bharat Bhavan, Chairman of Organizing Committee of the film festival Dilip Suryavanshi, eminent actor Pawan Malhotra and Public Relations Commissioner Sudam Khade, Chief Guest of the program Vishwas Sarang were present.

When the song ‘Ram ji ki nikli ride’ was sung on the occasion of the launch of ‘Chitra Bharati App’ for the purpose of ‘Chitra Bharati National Short Film Festival’, which is going to be held in Bhopal from February 18 to 20, 2022.

Atul Gangwar, general secretary of Bhartiya Chitra Sadhna, said that more than 600 short films have been received from across the country for the Chitra Bharati National Short Film Festival to be held in Bhopal from February 18 to 20, 2022. Efforts are being made to bring youth with new energy in the field of film through Chitra Bharati. In the festival, there will be an opportunity to meet the big film artists and filmmakers of the country.

Complete information about the film festival on ‘Chitra Bharati App’::-

Giving information about the app related to Chitra Bharati Film Festival, which was launched in the ceremony, Chanakya Shukla said that this app of Chitra Bharati can be downloaded free of cost. This app can be used on mobile phones with Android and iOS operating systems. This app can be used on

mobile phones with Android and iOS operating systems. This app will have complete information about the film festival. Through the app, participants can access master classes, screenings of films, information about venues, visiting film actors, cast and subject experts. Along with this, by registering on the app, you can become a volunteer of the film festival. Through the app, participants can also give their feedback regarding various programs and share their story regarding the festival.

Special guest and film actor Pawan Malhotra said, “You come to Mumbai and see that girls and boys from small towns/towns are running the show. Such young people are doing important work in the cinema world. Discover your talent, opportunities are waiting for you. In a short film, the producer has to speak in a very limited time. Talking about the promotion of culture through cinema, Malhotra said that if our culture does not survive, then we will also not survive. So save and promote our culture.

Our culture is scientific. This line of the song ‘Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathi’ should be seriously considered. What are we doing for the country that has been handed over to us?

New confidence being born in Indian cinema about Madhya Pradesh :

Program president Dilip Suryavanshi said that a new trust is being created in Indian cinema regarding Madhya Pradesh and Bhopal. Big film directors are coming to Madhya Pradesh to shoot their films. With this prestigious film festival of Chitra Bharati, the entire Madhya Pradesh including Bhopal will get a new identity in the country.

One who sticks to his past, his present and future remain golden. Before the program, the welcome address was given by Public Relations Commissioner Dr. Sudam Khade. He said that an environment of film production is being created in Madhya Pradesh. This national level event is going to be important for Madhya Pradesh.

Chitra Bharati’ is working to establish national thought and sentiment:

At the launch ceremony of the prestigious ‘Chitra Bharati National Short Film Festival-2022 (CBFF-2022)’ app of Bharatiya Chitra Sadhna, the Medical Education Minister of Madhya Pradesh Government Vishwas Sarang said that Chitra Bharati is running with national thought and spirit. Indian thought should be given priority in cinema, it is the need of the day. The situation in the film world that has arisen during this period, there is a need for events like Chitra Bharati Film Festival.

It is necessary to control the OTT platform in the interest of the country and society:

On the occasion of Chitra Bharati’s app launch, a symposium was also organized on the topic ‘Indian Cinema, Internet, OTT – the direction of the future’. On this occasion, keynote speaker and senior journalist Prakhar Srivastava said that an ideology is working to dig the roots of Indian culture and nationality by taking the help of OTT platform. When we do not look at the present, if we do not improve it, then how will we worry about the future. 

If the future is to be improved, then it is necessary that the OTT platform should be controlled. He said that control does not inhibit expression and creative freedom. Control also creates discipline to an extent. In the name of creative expression, the idea of ​​​​anti-India is being carried forward through web series. The web series itself starts with a lie.

They tell that this story is fictional, but it bases the events of the time and by hiding the truth of that event, a special kind of lie is fabricated. He gave examples of many webseries ranging from Family Man, Paatallok, Tandav and Laila to how Hindu religion and the idea of ​​Indianness are being cleverly attacked.

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