Books which propogate Aryan as outsiders need to be burnt now !

Now when the scientist leading the Peter Caywood research team of Australia, who together with eight researchers from three countries, discovered after seven years of research that an island out of the sea in the world was the first to come out, it is Jharkhand’s Singhbhum area. Then it has to be said that if human civilization has first developed on any land, then it is the holy land of India.

Dr. Mayank Chaturvedi::

It is unfortunate that even after the findings of all the new historical and archaeological research, today it is being taught in the prescribed study books of many universities and states of India that Aryans came from outside and settled in India. But, many researches till now have proved that the meaning of the word Arya is superior and never any person, society or group with identity like Arya came from the twelve of India.
Rather, only the eminent people of India (Aryans) came out of the Indian land and reached the whole world and there they proclaimed their Sanatan culture, whose signs are scattered all over the world.

Today it is surprising that despite knowing this truth, many people do not want to accept it. All such leftists and other historians who do not believe in this, they have to understand that they are misleading the children by teaching wrong history till now. They are also committing the crime of creating such a generation, which, in the absence of the light of truth, will never be proud of their ancestors.

Historically, archaeological research has reached far ahead at present. New research is providing an opportunity for the people of India to feel proud of themselves on the basis of scientific facts today. If the first land from water came out somewhere in the world, then it was the land of India.

New evidence has proved with great depth that 200 million years ago from Africa and Australia, that wonderful event of life has happened in India, in which the beginning of the evolution of man and all the animals living on the earth was possible.

Singhbhum district in Jharkhand has been found to be the first land part of the world to come out of the sea. 320 million years ago this part was above the surface of the sea in the form of a plot. Presently this region appears to extend from Jamshedpur in the north to Mahagiri in the south, from Simlipal in Odisha in the east to Veer Tola in the west.

This new discovery means that the areas of Africa and Australia were not the first to come out of the sea, this belief has been destroyed after this new research. That’s why life on earth also appears to start first on the land of India. In fact, today, after seeing the evidence of Singhbhum area coming out 200 million years ago, it has to be said that the first ray of life which is mentioned in Vedic culture regarding India, is completely true-sanatan in the context of Indian land.

Now let us go a little further, Dr. Shashikant Bhatt’s book ‘Narmada Valley: Culture and Civilization’ tells in detail about the civilization of Narmada Valley. According to this book, five to six lakh years old fossils of human skull have been found on the banks of Narmada.

Fossils of dinosaur eggs have been found here, along with fossils of the largest buffalo in South Asia. In this valley, many ancient cities like Mahishmati (Maheshwar), Nemavar, Hatodak, Tripuri, Nandinagar give evidence of their being from 2200 years to more than five thousand years old from the excavation.

Continuous excavation work from Jabalpur to Sehore, Hoshangabad, Barwani, Dhar, Khandwa, Khargone, Harsud has uncovered many such ancient mysteries which make it clear that the period of civilization here is very ancient.

It is also a matter of pride for us Indians that the systematic Indus civilization which is talked about has also proved to be the oldest in the world today.

Scientists of IIT Kharagpur and Archaeological Department of India have told about the antiquity of Indus Valley Civilization that according to the British, this city of 2600 BC is not civilization or according to some historians it is not five thousand five hundred years old, but it is eight thousand. It was an old civilization. This Indus civilization is even before the civilization of Egypt and Mesopotamia.

There is evidence of Egyptian civilization living from 7,000 BC to 3,000 BC, while Mesopotamian civilization existed from 6500 BC to 3100 BC, it is believed.

We have seen how Max Muller, William Hunter and Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay all three distorted the history of India. In the history written by the British, it was said that Indian history begins with the Indus Valley Civilization. The people of the Indus Valley were Dravidians, that is, they were not Aryans. Aryans came from outside and destroyed the Indus Valley civilization and then established their kingdom.

The constant struggle between the Aryans and the Dravidians continued. The British used ‘Aryan Invasion Theory’ to prove their point forged.

It is sad that the leftist historians of India also supported them and started saying yes, possibly Aryans came to India from Siberia, Mongolia, Trans Caucasia, Scandinavia or Central Asia. The British repeatedly stated that the Indus people were Dravidians and the Vedic people were Aryans.

The British tried to prove that as we have come to this country. Similarly, from time to time, many people came here from outside to establish their colonies and then settled here. Each time the one who came from outside fought with the group already in power, pushed them back and took all the power in their hands. After all, why did the British make up this myth and why did the leftist historians of India support them in this? When you go deep into it, the situation becomes completely clear.

In fact, the British and their successor historians did not want to accept that the civilization and culture of India is the oldest system based on such rich knowledge in the world, which includes the entirety of urban culture. When there was no trace of Greece, Rome and Athens in the world. The Indus Valley Civilization was then the only world-class urban civilization in the world with town-planning, large dining kitchens, meeting places, clothing, the use of silver and copper.People also knew the game of chess and they also used iron. The seals obtained from here have the status of the best artifacts, that is, people in this civilization were also art connoisseurs.

In the midst of this controversy, new research says that the Aryan invasion did not occur in any period of Indian history, nor did the existence of two separate human races, the Aryans and the Dravidians, ever existed on earth.

The research based on DNA chromosomes, which was carried out under the direction of Professor Dr. Kiwischild of Cambridge University, based on the DNA chromosomes of Indians at Tartu University, Estonia, proves that all Indians are the offspring of the same ancestor on the basis of chromosomes. Huh. No distinction of Aryan and Dravidian is found on the basis of chromosomes, and the genetic chromosomes which are found in Indians, those DNA chromosomes were not found in any other country of the world.

In the research, about 13000 samples of almost all castes, sub-castes, tribes existing in the population of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal were tested. The result of which is saying that in the Indian subcontinent, whatever religion they believe, 99 percent are children of common ancestors. Research has found that the DNA chromosomes of all the castes of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and the origin-base chromosome of the DNA of North Indian castes are the same.

Harvard experts in the US and analysts from India, after studying the genes of the ancient population of India, found that there is a genetic link between all Indians. This proves that the Aryan and Dravidian dispute in India is meaningless. North and South Indians are the children of the same ancestor.

Now when the scientist leading the Peter Caywood research team of Australia, who together with eight researchers from three countries, discovered after seven years of research that an island out of the sea in the world was the first to come out, it is Jharkhand’s Singhbhum area. Then it has to be said that if human civilization has first developed on any land, then it is the holy land of India.

For those who are still stuck in the Aryan-Dravidian conflict in India, this is also the time to take pride in their ancestors and establish truth in their history books. They are now confident and tell the world with facts that how human life and the development of civilization has reached from India to the whole world.

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