… Finally, a case was filed against Mahesh Manjrekar

Mumbai : Mahesh Manjrekar, director of ‘Nai Varan-Bhat Loncha Kon Nai Koncha‘, which was released a few days back, and other persons have been booked at Mahim police station. In this movie,Extremely violent, offensive scenes are used by child actors, so they also use very vulgar language. Meanwhile, to take action against the film’s director, producer and associates for making offensive portrayal of child actors. A written complaint was lodged at the Mahim police station on behalf of the Indian Women’s Power Association, followed by a complaint to the Deputy Commissioner of Police and the Sixth Commissioner of Police, Mumbai. However, as no action was taken against him, Seema Deshpande of Strishakti Sanstha approached the court through Prakash Salsingikar. A case has been registered against the accused today following a court order. The film was directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, produced by Narendra Hirawat, produced by Shreyas Hirawat and co-produced by Vijay Shinde.Other sources make it clear that the film was made for the sole purpose of making money.Mentioned in FIR.

In the movie ‘Nai Varan-Bhat Loncha Kon Nai Koncha’, 13 to 15 year old minors are involved in sexual activities, while resorting to extreme violence,When using vulgar and obscene language and Shown having immoral relations with close female relatives. The complaint filed by the Indian Women’s  Association said. The complaint also alleges that the film portrayed the mill workers in Mumbai and the women in their families in a very distorted manner.The film violates other laws of India, including POCSO. All eyes are on what will come out in the coming police investigation, whether all of them will be arrested.

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