Inspiring Story;

UPSC Topper Ira Singhal

{“Problems are not born to drag us down, it’s here to make us realize our true potential”}

You must know her,she is different from all other UPSC toppers, she is the first differently abled women who cleared the UPSC examination in general category, not once but twice.
She is an inspiration for all IAS aspirants. With her determination and hard work, she did something that she always desired for.

Ira has been suffering with curvature of spine, also termed as scoliosis, but she never let her disability to be an obstacle in the path of her dreams. Her disability never stopped her from working for her goals, she worked hard to become an IAS officer.

Being differently abled proved to be Ira’s biggest obstacle in her success, when because of her disability, she was declared not eligible to be an Indian Revenue Services (IRS) Officer,Apart from IAS.

Ira earned her graduation degree from Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology (NSIT) and MBA degree from Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi. She also worked as manager in confectionery firm Cad bury India and as a marketing intern in beverage firm Coca-Cola.

Ira Singhal is a true inspiration for many girls. She proved that no one can stop a girl when she realises that she deserves better in life. If you have passion and determination, then no power in the world can stop you from reaching the destination. Difficulties are important for success in life because they can give different directions to your life. 

The success story of UPSC Topper Ira Singhal is an inspirational steak. She fought all the odds to achieve the position she deserved. Her firm determination and courage shows that if you want to achieve something, no one can stop you. All you need to do is hard-work and stay focused.

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