GRUHA GURUKULAM step towards vedanta education


Our vision was revive the tradition of Gurukulams through a distributed and scalable model that has a minimal lead time and very little capital expenditure.

A GRUHA GURUKULAM scheme where senior scholars who are currently teaching various Shastras can establish Gurukulams by taking on rent suitable premises in close proximity to their existing homes. INDICA would bear the rent as well as the expenses needed to operate these Gurukulams. Students could live and learn in these Gurukulams without the strain of a commute either for themselves or to the Scholars.

In the last two years we could not make much progress in implementing this scheme due to COVID. We are now pleased to announce our first Gruha Gurukulam under Mahamahoupadhyaya Sastrabhaskara Acarya Korada Subrahmanyam at Hyderabad.

A 12 month residential program in Hyderabad covering Vyakaranam (Mahabhashyam), Vedanta (Brahmasutrasamkarabhashyam), Siksha, Niruktam, Jyotisham, Purvamimamsa, Nyayavaiseshika, Samkhya is being offered under his tutelage.

Students aged between 16 to 25 years,  having knowledge of Samskrtam (up to Kavyas) and  fundamentals of  Vyakaranam and  Vedanta are eligible.The medium of instruction will be in Samskrtam INDICA will provide a stipend along with lodging and boarding for all the students.

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