Gyan Vyapi exposed more than what was hidden

Gyan Vyapi – Kashi Vishwanath campus survey has prized open too many unexpected issues and opened up new avenues for larger reconciliation by accepting the historic wrongs, and help Indian Muslims disassociate themselves from Maulana led brigades who are itching for a civil war to usher in Dar-ul-Islam.

As I write this analysis, I do not know if the object found in the Wazukhana of the mosque, in the Gyan Vyapi -Kashi Vishwanath campus is the jyotirlinga of Kashi Vishwanath or not. I have a feeling that the way some people have tried to deface the ‘alleged’ Shivling with superimposed pieces, it shall prove to be the jyotirlinga hidden by the priest as per local folklore before he committed sacrificed his life. However, for me this is a moment of catharsis for many. This episode of a few days has exposed more than what the lady devotees they or anyone had anticipated. Their limited wish was to be allowed regular pooja of the murti of Goddess Gauri Shringar which was being allowed till 1992 when secular politician Mulayam Singh stopped it in the aftermath of Babri destruction; may be as a punishment to Hindus for daring to demand justice.

I will try to list out what has been exposed apart from the ‘alleged’ Shivling –

“1. Self-loathing of the supposedly elite intellectuals, opinion makers, journalists and politicians about being Hindu  

  1. Hold of Macaulay still over our education that turns Hindus into cynical HINOs (Hindu In Name Only) with zero or superficial knowledge of Hindu dharma
  2. Chicanery of Muslim community leaders  
  3. Fear of true or real history from people who turned myths into history and real history into myths  
  4. Paralytic view of secular lobby about history of Hindu persecution vis-à-vis Muslim ‘victimhood’”

I have less problem with Muslims because they are very transparent about their view about ‘Kafirs’ or non-believers. There are enough aayats (verses) available on their own websites about how to treat the non-believers of different shades. Their book has nothing but utter contempt and hate for Kafirs except in a few verses that were revealed to their Prophet when he was struggling in Mecca. Those verses are used by modern moderate Muslims to prove that it is a religion of peace. But extremists, radicals and violent jihadis quote only the aayats that were revealed to their Prophet during his battle with other faiths in Medina and there onwards. They claim the principle of abrogation of the older verses with the newer verses in Quran. These are regularly fed to average Muslim to make him hate the society he/she lives in that is not an Islamic state.
If it is an Islamic state, they hate their brethren from a different sect and try to finish them off as is evident in Iraq, Pakistan and many other countries. Breaking the idols, being awarded the title of a ‘butshikan’ (idol breaker) is a dream of hardened believers. So, their joking about or ridiculing Hindu symbols of faith is given as taken. They are getting bolder now because Hindus don’t have a principle of ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’.

The Gyan Vyapi mosque has yet again exposed ‘self-loathing’ of HINOs (Hindus In Name Only). The ridicule heaped on Hindus after discovery of a possible Shivling is unparalleled in the history of independent India. Even during Ram Temple movement, their contempt for the unwashed unkempt masses was limited to suggesting that Ram lives in your heart and you don’t need a temple, or that the place would be better used as hospital, school or even public urinals as there were enough Ram Temples already, that birth place of Ram shouldn’t matter to Hindus. But, in case of Gyan Vyapi HINOs have outdone themselves. Joking about Shivling with boulders on the road, water fountains, mixies and towers etc. and comparing it to penis, talking of khatna of Shivling etc.; everything was fine and only a dose of humour.
This chain of jokes highlighted the self-loathing of educated elite Hindus for their identity. That they knew nothing about the philosophy of Hindu dharma, its various sects and sampradayas, the symbolism behind different forms of Ishwar manifested with different imageries as murtis is baffling. Identifying themselves with White racists who see nothing beyond sex in Hindu philosophy and historians whose agenda was to put down Hindu civilization because it was the only civilization that defied them.
HINOs have been fed on Marxist history that has turned myths into history and real history into myths they believe that Hindu civilization had nothing to offer to the world except casteism, widow burning and foetus smothering. They even hate the brave Hindus who fought foreign invaders continuously all through the invaders’ depredations for 800 years. So, history of resistance has been vacuum cleaned from academia. The historians who chronicled this history from highly reliable sources, including the invaders themselves were removed from the library shelves.

The great achievements of Hindu rishis, Munis – scientists in medical field, metallurgy, technology, mathematics, astronomy et al and great philosophers who wrote about what was later found to be astoundingly close to the latest scientific discoveries – all of these were laughed off as myths. Thus, we today have elite in the society with calcified brains that are closed to any new or rediscovered knowledge about this eternal civilization. It never occurred to these opinion leaders that there must be something outstanding in their civilization and philosophy that resisted Islam for nearly 500 years before it could find a sizeable foothold in Bharat though the same Islamic hoards could overpower the Middle East, West Africa and Europe, and almost obliterated any vestiges of earlier civilizations and religions within 100 years.
This colonization of mind has been possible because of our happy acceptance of Macaulay with added poison of so-called faux Secularism into our education system. It is a system that is shut to the spirit of enquiry and the spirit of skepticizm, the bedrock of Hindu civilization. It is a system written by the erstwhile rulers for their colonized slaves. We can understand their agenda of creating colonized minds, but what was the agenda of our policy makers to follow the same agenda?
The current post-RTE (Right To Education) generation is the flag bearer of victorious Macaulay doctrine, further corrupted by Left-Secular academia that consciously removed even innocuous links to our own roots in literature and education. It has created self-loathing colonized educated people who can ridicule their own tradition and culture without having an iota of understanding. Murti puja (or idol worship as westernized people call it) has a wonderful philosophy.

Shankaracharya was a proponent Advaita darshana (philosophy), explained himself beautifully in his immortal Niravana Shatakam – “Shivoham” that is – I am Shiv. But he also worshipped Durga, Shiva and many other forms of Ishwar and wrote beautiful verses in their praise.
For a Hindu murti is a point of focus on Supreme Being whom he/she/it looks upon as per his/her/its perception and mental inclination. So, Hindus created Ishwar in their own image knowing he/she/it is undefinable while the Abrahamics claimed that God/Allah created human beings in His image. Naturally, a sceptic Hindu will ask why a creature created in His own image should have so many short comings and propensity to fall in the trap of Satan or Shaitan.
Linga means a symbol in Sanskrit; it doesn’t mean phallus as sex crazed western and middle eastern mind would think. Thus, Shivling is the manifestation of unbound energy that can be stored only in the ellipsoid shape which is also the shape of the universe and which now happens to be the shape of nuclear reactors.

We have not been taught about different paths of self-realization. If one were to go with Tantra school and look at Shiv and Shakti as Linga and Yoni that is celebrating reproduction and fertility; one needs to appreciate that Hindus consider even the union of male and female as divine and the process of reproduction to perpetuate human race. It is not a contract for sexual pleasure, nor is it a sin. A child for a Hindu is not a product of ‘sin’ but a divine gift of Ishwar – child of immortality (Amritasya putra). So, the joke is on the people who exhibit self-hate for being the children of the union of your parents.
As I noted earlier, I have no reason to focus on Muslim hate for Kafirs. But I must make a short mention of chicanery of Muslim leadership. Muslims made us hive off one third of our motherland to live in a country that was ‘Pak’ – ruled on Islamic principles. Those how did not go for any reason clearly knew that they will be living in a Hindu majority country as per law of the land. Now, their ever-increasing demands for Shariah compliant polity, law and order, economy and right to own up any piece of land etc. but appeal to rule of law when it suits them is a clever game for which gullible Hindus fall.

Constitution is a plaything for these leaders till they can enforce Shariah. They refuse to follow laws where it doesn’t suit them. Recent blocking of Gyan Vyapi survey is the latest example. If even a suspected Muslim relic of any type were to be found in a temple, it can be safely argued that a Hindu would respectfully hand it over to Muslim brethren. But, in case of Gyan Vyapi, the local Maulanas went on insulting Hindus as per 7th Century mindset by washing their feet into a pool that contained possibly a Shivling about which they surely knew. To keep playing this dirty game, they blocked the survey. I am sure, if forensics are done, the superficial pieces on the ‘supposed’ Shivling would be found to be a much later or recent addition to confuse the people.
This brings me to another serious sickness of our social scientists, their secular political leader and their cohorts – fear of the truth. No other self-respecting country hides its past, it reconciles with bitter truths to move on. No self-respecting nation celebrates its invaders nor protects their vandalism at the cost of the native indigenous culture and history. But here we have historians who turned myths into history and mythicized the real history. My favourite myth is that mass-murderer Aurangzeb used to sew caps to run his household and didn’t hate or put down natives except the way ‘any’ invader would.
The bloody history of Hindu holocaust, destruction of thousands of grand temples to build thousands of mosques, converting, raping and enslaving Hindu women, auctioning of captured kafir women as validated by their religion in markets of Afghanistan etc. is negated despite countless evidences of history written by their own historians. I have not been able to find any reason for this indescribable Hindu Hate except colonized mind. Bharatiya civilizational wounds are too deep to be papered over by band-aid of mythical history. They need to be exposed and surgically removed with truth and reconciliation like all other nations have done. Till then there cannot be a lasting peace.

Our leaders have made a conscious effort to link Indian Muslims to foreign invaders and created an atmosphere that they are offspring of those invaders, which they are not. They are also product of the same violence and converted mostly under duress while other Hindus suffered but didn’t. They need to stop this political game of ‘victimhood’ because they are much better off in India than any other neighbouring Islamic country or in any other non-Islamic country. Once they realize that they are part of us, not Turks, Mongols or Mughals, victims not victors; they will happily reconcile with the larger society of Bharat, that is Hindus. Christians have not identified with British. They know their motherland is Bharat. They may fight for justice for any perceived injustice like any other citizen, but they identify themselves as Indians first.
Gyan Vyapi-Kashi Vishwanath campus survey has prized open too many unexpected issues and opened up new avenues for larger reconciliation by accepting the historic wrongs, and help Indian Muslims disassociate themselves from Maulana led brigades who are itching for a civil war to usher in Dar-ul-Islam. It is not possible in Bharat. If it couldn’t be achieved by invaders in 800 years, clearly this won’t work now. It is an awakened society that values its civilization and its ancestors who fought for it relentlessly, paying a very heavy cost.

Courtesy : NewsBharati

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