Bombay Beggars

सृष्टि नहीं नारी बिना, यही जगत आधार।
नारी के हर रूप की, महिमा बड़ी अपार।।

नारी को अबला समझ, मत कर भारी भूल।
नारी इस संसार में, जीवन का है मूल।।

Girl… O, Poor girl… Most of the Netflix India content are fairy tales in the name of feminism, propagandas, political ideologies, Hinduphobic, and sex lust, multiple affairs etc., and also so-called high culture society. In which 99.99% of Indians don’t connect to. I think Netflix India has some parallel universe from which they bring us this type of disgusting lifestyle.

This series is a tale falsely represented in name of feminism. How can one make such rubbish content sparkle by urbanizing it and calling it the modern Bombay? It is a story of five spineless women with no self-respect looking for god knows what. What a waste of time. How about shining a light on these stereotypes to steer men and women on the righteous path of honesty and valuable relationships.

Married Corporator wants to sleep with Prostitute, she refuses as she wants to change profession. Corporator is seen reading BHAGVAD GITA to tell her how “Woman has to follow her Dharma” Now Hindu Holy Books are also under OTT attack

In every next movie, why they portray Mumbai city like THIS? Does every ambitious person who is trying to establish in MUMBAI have to go through this PROCEDURE? Has the director gone thru this procedure? This is just Rubbish, can’t call it a time pass movie.

नारी, नारी का नहीं, देती आयी साथ।
शायद उसका इसलिए, रिक्त रहा है हाथ।।

The story is written and directed by a woman and it is the most disappointing thing that as a woman, how can she show women in such a bad light. Shame on such people.

The funding of these web series is anti-Indian so the content has to be something that doesn’t represent our value system

The series is co-produced by EndemolShine India and Chernin Entertainment – is an American film and television production company. Last year the company made a multi-year first-look deal with Netflix to make films & series.

Peter Chernin – CEO and Chairman of Chernin Entertainment is pro-Democratic Party, and supported Hillary Clinton in the run-up for the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Now, Joe Biden the president of America is Democrat and the party ideologies are:

– Modern liberalism: It combines ideas of civil liberty and equality with support for social justice and a mixed economy.

– Social populism: that combines left-wing politics with populist rhetoric and themes.

And these 2 ideologies are visible in their content as well.

The conclusion:

The series is toxic. Junk status. It’s all about people randomly having sex anywhere and everywhere. Cringeworthy series.

This is a series OF the losers, BY the losers and FOR the losers.

This series is killing the Indian family values and societal value systems. Despite such a loving and caring husband… Fatima, the wife commits adultery and comes home and yells and fights at her own husband … Wow!!

I am shocked to have the dialogue – “Leechad admi jaat” That’s how you fight for equality??? Whoa! So the entire male population of this planet is cheap. Way to go feminists. Way to go Netflix. Any kind of publicity will help, right?

Not just that but from the normalization of minors indulging in casual sex & drug abuse we now have this web series showing – a 13yr old is snorting coke as the party she goes to is all about alcohol, drugs, have lust for a guy from a minority community, sends pictures of her private parts to guys of her own class. This is not an inappropriate portrayal of teenagers, which not only adulterates the young minds of the children, and may also result in abuse and exploitation of children at the hands of the perpetrators & offenders?

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