Nature of Our Nation

Chennai. As we are approaching 75th year of independence it is right time to revisit the idea about the nation; we need to relook based on our identity and history, said Sunil Ambekar Ji, RSS Akhil Bharatiya Prachar Pramukh.

Nature of Our Nation

Hindu civilization has a world outlook. RSS way of thinking is no different from this Hindu thought. Our concept is simple and has developed organically. The idea of ‘everything is different’ gives birth to conflicts. As per Hindu thought, in this land, we understand order, we see the commonalities and redefine relationship on the basis of inter connectivity, inner oneness. We get connected and it is all about connection even in difference. Looking for connectivity is the inherent way. This way of thinking is the main thread of our culture, it is the unifying factor. Several differences can be seen but we recognize a strong underlying feeling of oneness. One, inspite of all contradictions. Sangh is striving to re-establish the thinking on these lines as there is a need to understand the nature of our nation. Several other ideologies try to find the differences. They develop newer and newer identities and even lead to extremes. It makes it difficult to live together, leads to violence.

No copy paste stuff

We should prepare a road map of our own based on our concept of life. It should not be a copy paste of others. Choice of technology also should be determined by ourselves and not left to robots to decide.

There are many unwanted practices and elements in the society but Constitution provides a framework that guides us. But the divisive policies of Communists have led to destruction. For instance, caste system will not be relevant in the future. All leaders need to sit together and have a dialogue and plan future societal structure based on harmony, equal opportunity that is free of bad practices.

RSS reaches to everybody, across all sections. Last November (Jan Jagran Abhiytan) Sangh reached out to 89 lakh families in Tamilnadu. Our culture is one. RSS swayamsevaks try to create a conducive atmosphere in the society. People have taken direction from our life.

Go back to original

There is a need to discuss the practices in our Dharma. But this cannot be based on translations as they have several misinterpretations. For instance, Thiruvalluvar should be understood through the literature of that time by scholars well versed in Tamil and Sanskrit. India and Tamilnadu – need real messages.

Politics exploited our fault lines. Economy model should not disrupt family and cultural life. Economic policy and choice of technology cannot be in isolation. Should be based on culture, concept of happiness and prosperity. Our roadmaps need to be based on all these aspects.

Time to Churn

The entire world is revisiting. Organic or inorganic? Mechanical or manual? Churning is going on. Intelligentsia has responsibility to influence policy making, governance which can be a turning point impacting next 500 years. It is we who should decide how our future generation will be.

Sunil Ambekar dwelt upon several vital aspects of today’s thought. during the Q & A session. Some are hereunder –

Balancing ecological concerns and development – we have high population but less land. we cannot emulate the life style of developed nations. What is Sangh view?

Sunil Ji – Ultimate decision is by experts. Sangh view is decentralized production. We see the fleet of trucks plying everywhere. Raw material is taken for centralized production and then finished goods for distribution. A decision is needed on what needs to be decentralized and what needs to be centralized … like defence. Production by masses, decentralized production, as much as is possible. Sangh does not believe in extremes it seeks middle path. Not for damaging environment and development.

Why can’t we recognise caste professions?

Sunil Ji – Every job is dignified. Choice of job cannot be based on caste or birth. Society needs every profession. Re arrange not based on birth. Society has moved on the way. Urban laundry is run by different castes. Likewise, modern saloons have come up.

Conversion- how to protect ourselves?

Sunil Ji – If people practice this culture, more and more we make it based on this beautiful life; everybody will be attracted. There are economically, socially deprived people. A better way to protect is to connect with everybody. Like connectivity to temple, festivals. See that everyone from the society is involved, related. That is the responsibility. Sangh is communicating to local leaders, seva etc to reconnect to all people.


Sunil Ji – We have individual and multiple identities – Like family, language, native, college, caste… a number of identities. If you have a larger identity that will unite and be the unifying factor. We can say that the ancestors of Muslims are Rama. Since that would be a unifying factor – not divisive. That is why we are saying that we should compromise individual identity for a larger identity. Bharat managed very well all these identities. We could live thus over centuries.

Woman empowerment …?

Women issues are not women issues. These are societal issues. Like family- co exist, sharing and caring. Basic principles are very important. Division of work is different in rural, urban, past and now. The Principle is sharing and caring, everybody is equal. Shared responsibility. Law is for lacunae where we could not take steps. Ideally society should take care. Government has but a minimum role to play.

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