Tara: A lustrous mind

A quest of myths and minds Part 2

Mahabharata is a story of Kurus. Though Mahabharata is written from a male perspective, it has references to many female characters. Kurus are descendants of Lunar dynasty. The matriarch of this lunar dynasty is Tara, a wife of Brihaspati, who dares to choose Lune as her companion.

In Hindu astronomy, planet Jupiter is Brihaspati while Tara is a star. Brihaspati is the guru of Devas who is old in age, serious and analytical, whereas his wife Tara is young and beautiful. The marital relationship between Brihaspati and Tara is not sound and peaceful. Although being the guru of Deva, Brihaspati has enjoyed the wife of his younger brother. Without entangling herself in distressed relationship, Tara decides to move on. She follows her heart and falls in love with Moon who is associated with love and emotions. Beautiful Tara and loving Moon then enjoy an amorous relationship.

When Brihaspati comes to Moon’s house to get Tara back, Moon denies. He makes relevant arguments for his denial. He points out that he is not keeping Tara against her will. She has chosen to accompany him. This argument gives a different perspective to the story.

However, Brihaspati needs Tara to be beside him to perform sacrifices for Devas. Therefore, the creator intervenes and demands that Tara would have to leave Chandra and go back to Brihaspati. However, Tara is pregnant with a love child. Moon acknowledges his child who is named as Budha. Angry Brihaspati curses the child to be born as an androgynous. Budha, a love child of beautiful Tara and loving Moon is known for his intelligence. A descendent of emotional Moon and raised by analytical Brihaspati, Budha becomes the founder of the lunar dynasty.

While the consort of Moon is a grace, the consort of Brihaspati is a duty. Tara is the bond of grace and duty. She is a lustrous mind that seeks to reconcile between Brihaspati, representing head and Moon, representing heart. Her decision to choose Lune as a companion and eventual return to Brihaspati has a significance in the quest of minds as this story of lunar dynasty, Mahabharata, is a sacred narration that reflects the convictions and emotions, actions and reactions, apprehensions and interpretations of human life.

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