A calendar that erases the Aryan invasion theory

There is no evidence that the Aryan invasion theory is true. But there is ample evidence that this theory is false. Twelve of them have been presented by IIT Kharagpur in its 2022 calendar. The 2022 Calendar of IIT Kharagpur is a step in the process of restoring Indian history.

The Aryan invasion theory states that ‘Aryan tribes from Central Asia came to India across the Hindu Kush Mountains in horses and chariots. They attacked the people in the Indus Valley and drove them south. They settled on the banks of the river Arya Saraswati. He then wrote the Vedas, Upanishads, Ramayana, Mahabharata and other texts. ‘ This theory was put forward by European scientists and was followed by historians in post-independence India.

There is no evidence that the Aryan invasion theory is true. But there is ample evidence that this theory is false. Twelve of them have been presented by IIT Kharagpur in its 2022 calendar. What’s so significant about a goat’s head? ” Let’s learn from this article.


The leading thinkers in Europe believed that every word written in the Bible was true. They believed that every event recorded in the Bible was historical. According to the Bible – God Created the world in 4000 BC, then created life in 7 days, created humans Adam and Eve on the last day; They were both immortal, But he died after eating the fruit from the garden against God’s command .. etc. In the Bible, God tells those who believe in him, You rule the world! Genesis 1:28 .. This was the mainstay of colonialism.
The Bible book of Genesis tells the story of Noah. Noah had three sons – Japheth, Shem and Ham.
Ham once saw his father in a state where he should not be seen. This made Noah angry. He cursed Ham’s son Cannon – your descendants will be slaves! Genesis 9. The descendants of Japheth, Shem, and Ham went in different directions.
There is another story in the Bible – “The Tower of Babel” (Genesis 11: 1-9).All the humans came together and started to build a tall tower. They all spoke the same language.

He wanted to make the tower high enough to reach Heaven. God was outraged by their intentions. He said that these people can speak only one language, so they can do any work now. God cursed humans, now you all speak different languages. You will not understand each other’s language! You can’t work together! So God scattered all human beings around the world.

From these two stories, Europeans came to understand that humans originated in the Middle East, from where humans (then known) spread throughout the world. They carried different languages ​​everywhere. Japheth’s descendants were white, who went to Europe. Shem’s Yellow descendants migrated to Asia, and Ham / Canon’s Black Descendants migrated to Africa.

The idea of ​​these ‘race’ of human beings of different colors, their different ‘languages’ and the migration of human beings from the Middle East was deeply ingrained in the minds of Europeans. Even before the British came to India, they had decided that the man from India had come to India from the west and brought the language with him when he came.
European racism ::

The Portuguese established their kingdom in Goa in the early 16th century. Then, in 1757, the British won the Battle of Plassey and the British Raj began.

During his reign many British, French and German linguists and anthropologists began to study Indians through the lens of the Bible. Some of the key points in his study are:
Thomas Stephens (1549-1619)
was a British missionary who came to Goa to spread Christianity. He was surprised to see the Indian language. Because the words here were similar to the European words – e.g., serpent, septum (seven), octo (eight), osteo, zara / geriatric, etc. He wrote letters to European scientists about it.

William Jones
British, William Jones (1746-1794) made a comparative study of Greek, Latin, German, Persian, Sanskrit, Bengali and other languages ​​in the late 18th century. From this he pointed out that all these languages ​​have similarities and belong to the same clan. The mother of languages ​​of this same family must have been an ancient Proto-Indo-European language. Sanskrit is the best of them all. Such a good language may belong to the white people, so Sanskrit language must have been brought to India by the earlier white people.

In Europe in 1848 a revolution was started by the middle and lower class common people. Before this revolution, the power that was only in the European monarchy, began to fall into the hands of matches. Serfdom of the lower class whites in Austria, Hungary came to an end. The dynasty came to an end. Nations embraced democracy. The European monarchy was shaken by these developments.

Gobineau (1816-1882) –

He was a member of the French dynasty. With the Revolution of 1848, Gobinou was overwhelmed to see power shifting from the dynasty to the matches. Based on the Bible, he divided humans into white, yellow, and black races. He opined that even in the white race, the humans of the ‘Aryan’ race were the best. All the dynasties in Europe belonged to the Aryan race. In his essay Inequality of the Human Races, he says that the people of the dynasty belong to the higher race and the common people belong to the lower race.

His views had a profound effect on Europeans. Houston Stewart Chamberlain (1855 – 1927) – British philosopher influenced by Gobinou’s ideas. This furthered the concept of race. He said that the great Roman Empire of Europe (which, according to him, was of Aryan descent) had been degraded by the Jews. Germany’s defeat in World War I was also due to jews. Not one, but a lot of things he blew up on Jews.

Chamberlain added this scientific (?) To the fact that there was already hatred in the minds of Christians. Chamberlain later became Hitler’s guide. It instilled in Hitler a great deal of hatred for the non-Jewish and non-Jewish people. It was called Hitler’s John the Baptist. The horrific Holocaust of World War II was caused by the “Pure Aryan Race” theory.

It should be noted here that from the Indian point of view, the glorious Arjuna looks beautiful and the black Rama, Krishna, Sita, Draupadi also look very beautiful. ‘Arya’ is a respectable word in Indian language. The wives here respectfully call their father-in-law ‘Arya’ and the bridegroom ‘Aryaputra’. Gautama Buddha called his four principles ‘Char Arya Satya’. Overall, the word ‘Arya’ was not used by India for any tribe. Indians have never made such a distinction between black and white.

India through the spectacles of

The British saw two types of languages ​​in India – Aryan language in North India and Dravidian language in South India. There was also a difference in the color of these two people. North Indians were white, while South Indians were black. He concluded that – there are two types of people (nations) in India –
Arya and Dravid.
Also the Aryan languages ​​of North India were similar to the European languages. So the people of North India belonged to the ‘Aryan’ race like the Europeans, while the people of the South belonged to the Dravidian race.

Based on the above research, thinkers like Max Muller and Wheeler proposed the theory of Aryan invasion. According to this theory, a group of Aryan speakers came to India from the Middle East and another group went to Europe. So the languages ​​of Europe and North India were similar. The people of North India came from the Middle East, the Aryans of white skin. But according to him, the Aryans in India were not as ‘pure’ as the European Aryans because of their interbreeding with the Dravidians.

According to the Bible::
God created the world in 4,000 BC. Scholars who have a superstitious belief in the Bible (not a biblical literalist) It was not possible to bring it to India before 1500 AD. Because it was necessary to give time for events like the flood in the Bible, the story of Noah, the tower of Babel to happen.

Therefore, in the theory of Aryan invasion, he stated that – the people of the Aryan race in the Middle East. Arriving in India in 1500 BC, they drove the Dravidians of the Black Race to the south and settled in the Ganga-Yamuna valley. After that he composed Vedas, Upanishads etc.

Mohenjo-daro and Harappa, the ancient civilizations of the Indus Valley, were discovered 40 years after this theory was proposed. Then this theory changed and instead of bringing Aryans to the valley of Ganges, they brought them to the valley of Indus. इ.स. The Saraswati-Indus culture had declined during the early 1900’s. Instead of 1500 BC. Brought to India in 1900.

According to this theory, the culture in the Indus Valley was different and the culture brought by the Aryans was different, so the culture seen from the remains found there must have been different from the culture described in Vedic literature or today’s culture in India.But..

IIT Kharagpur 2022 Calendar :::

IIT Kharagpur Indian Knowledge System (IKS) .

This center has been established. Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan recently inaugurated the center. A similar center was started at IIT Gandhinagar a few years back. Indian Knowledge System will be taught through IKS Center. It will mainly cover ancient navigation, astronomy, mathematics, Sanskrit, Sankhya, justice, chemistry, Ayurveda, Vastushastra, Natyashastra etc.

The IIT Kharagpur Calendar 2022 is dedicated to the Indian system of knowledge and contains twelve pieces of evidence proving the doctrine of Aryan invasion to be false.As follows,

  1. The theory of Arya invasion states that Arya came to India from the west. But the Rig Veda describes rivers from east to west. The source of Saptasindhu in the Saraswati-Indus valley is in the Himalayas to the east and flows to the west. Evidence of human habitation is also found first in the east and then gradually moving westwards. The Rig Veda and later Upanishads describe the culture of the Ganga-Gomti-Sharu river basin.The journey of culture from east to west has been deliberately ignored by Western scholars.
  2. The doctrine of karma and reincarnation in India is not found in any culture like Europe, Eurasia, Middle East. Of course, if the Aryans came from the West, what philosophy did they bring with them?
  3. If the ideas of Yoga and Kshema, Dhyana and Samadhi, Karma and Dharma as laid down by the Vedas belonged to the Aryans, then such ideas should have been carried to Europe as well. But that doesn’t seem to have happened.
  4. The idea of ​​a time cycle of six seasons can only be born in India, because there are only six seasons here. In Europe, the Middle East, Eurasia, etc., there are only four seasons. Of course, it is ridiculous to say that the six-season cycle came from the Aryan West.
  5. Swami Vivekananda spoke about the doctrine of Aryan invasion – – Progress of Civilization, The East and The West – The doctrine of Aryan invasion is nonsense. It is nonsense to say whether the Aryans came from the west and drove out the people and settled here. Did any sage say that we came from the west in one of the suktas of Veda? Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.
  6. Devotion to motherhood, devotion to femininity is seen in the valley of Indus, seen in Vedas and it is still rooted in India. Such worship of mother power is not seen in Abrahamic religion. Then it is completely false to say that Aryans only brought it to India.
  7. Shiva is praised in Rigveda and Yajurveda. Nevertheless, European thinkers deliberately claimed that Shiva was a pre-Aryan deity. But the truth is that Shiva is the god in the valley of Saraswati-Indus, just as he is also the Vedic god.
  8. The philosophy propounded by Vedic sages is one that teaches equality, democracy, love, generosity, non-violence. But the Aryan invasion theory states that this philosophy has been formed by aggressive gangs that are annihilating others! Which is impossible.

The calendar also shows the emergence of the concept of ‘Aryan race’ in Europe and the haste of European researchers to present the theory of Aryan invasion. Shri Aurobindo and Swami Vivekananda are of the opinion that the doctrine of Aryan invasion is false. There are many books on the subject of Aryan invasion -,

Story of Civilization: Our Oriental Heritage – Will Durant
The East and The West – Swami Vivekanand
The Invasion That Never Was – Michel Danino
The Wonder That Was India – – L Basham
The Decline Of The West – Oswald Spengler

Restoration of Indian history::

The history of India was formerly preserved by oral tradition. It was also written in Ramayana, Mahabharata and Purana. But since the Europeans insisted on written word, they rejected the history of India. Ramayana, Mahabharata and Puranas are called myths / epic / epics without history. Our historical period which started from Vedas, Ramayana, started from Emperor Ashoka. Through the Aryan invasion theory, he asserted that the Indian Vedic culture was brought by the Westerners.

since the BJP government came to power, these intrigues of the British have been solved one by one. In September 2019, the Central Government launched https://vedicheritage.gov.in, a site containing Vedic literature, its meanings and samples of Vedic singing. In January 2020, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman introduced the name Saraswati-Indus culture in the Lok Sabha without calling it Mohenjo-daro-Harappa.

Provision has been made to build museums at five ancient sites – Rakhigadhi (Haryana), Hastinapur (Uttar Pradesh), Shivsagar (Assam), Dholavira (Gujarat) and Adichannalur (Tamil Nadu). Maritime Museum has been under construction at Lothal (Gujarat) since 2020.
In March 2020, three Sanskrit universities (National Sanskrit Institute, Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri National Sanskrit University, Delhi and National Sanskrit University, Tirupati) were recognized as Central Universities.

This will give the universities international status and enable them to create their own courses, degree certificates, distance learning programs. .
The National or New Education Policy will focus on education in Indian culture, language and arts. Through this degree education in Sanskrit language, Prakrit language, museum, excavation, conservation of antiquities etc. will be available. Part of this is the launch of Indian Science Management Center at a top educational institution like IIT.

The 2022 Calendar of IIT Kharagpur is a step in the process of restoring Indian history. Congratulations!

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