First four-day ‘Yoga Festival’ in Saudi Arabia

{one thousand yoga teachers engaged in the education and promotion of yoga participated in this festival organized by the Saudi Yoga Committee.}

The celebration of yoga festival in Saudi Arabia, the most staunch Sunni country among Muslim countries, shows the growing respect in the world for India’s culture, traditions and values. Celebrating World Yoga Day on 21st June can be said to be the first positive step in this direction. For this, the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi should be praised less.

This is the reason that today people all over the world are imbibing Indian cultural values ​​like Yoga and Spirituality. This global acceptance of yoga shows the organization of yoga festival in a country like Saudi Arabia. There this first yoga festival is being celebrated from 29 January to 1 February.

It is noteworthy that on January 29, the first yoga festival of this Gulf country was inaugurated on the famous beach of Saudi Arabia, Bay La Sun. In this festival organized by the Saudi Yoga Committee, about one thousand yoga teachers engaged in the education and promotion of yoga in this Islamic country participated. Among those who did yoga were seekers-sadhikas ranging in age from 10 to 60 years.

This event of Yoga Festival was organized at Juman Park in King Abdullah City. Young girls and women also participated enthusiastically in this unprecedented festival. In the festival, several workshops related to the training of yoga in the open and related activities were organized.Many curious people participated in these workshops. People told that they joined it out of eagerness for yoga and willingness to adopt it in everyday life.

Speaking to Al Arabiya, the famous news portal of this country, Nauf binte Muhammad Al-Marwai, the chair of the Saudi Yoga Committee, said, “Due to the enthusiasm among the people about yoga, yoga has developed in different parts of the country during the last 20 years. Has reached different parts.“Today there are many yoga teachers in our country. Their number is more than 10 thousand. With the Ministry of Sports in the country starting licensing gyms and centers that teach yoga, the number of people practicing yoga in our country is increasing day by day. Yoga is spreading a lot.

It is a matter of 2021 when during mutual talks in India and Saudi Arabia, an agreement was made in the context of Yoga. Under this, this four-day yoga festival has been organized.

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